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  1. Akile
    Akile-1345293 ago

    I don't mind it if they're actually looking at products and such, but don't block the whole damn aisle just to have a conversation.

  2. Tygom
    Tygom-1431693 ago

    Nice bro u wife is hot thanks for sharing u piece ass I’m so horny now

  3. Fegrel-1518093 ago

    I have read a lot of evidence.

  4. Doutaur-2036493 ago

    One thing that I would have done a little different would be to gift the money to the stepdad instead of to the wedding directly. At that point the wedding would still have been paid for by the stepdad, and it is a lot harder to be all "Well you gave dad money, why not me?" instead of "Well you gave our other sibling money, why not me?"

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